The capital of Mefitis's domains.

Description Edit

The capital of Mefitis's domains. Tribom is a rocky moon of mountains, rivers and valleys orbiting the gas giant Avernus. It was settled in the 7th century BC after Mefitis and a small number of her worshippers fled Earth through the stargate on her ship.

Its humans are of predominantly Italic and Etruscan stock, mainly speaking an Oscan dialect and dedicated to animal husbandry and, to a lower degree, farming.

With a population in the low millions, Tribom's settlements mostly consist of villages, hamlets or, sometimes, single houses inhabited by families of goat herders.

Noteworthy is Mefitis's temple of Caila, built underneath a cavern below the very ground of the planet's capital. The temple is in many ways a neighbourhood of the capital, if not even an autonomous village. It contains Mefitis's palace and is traversed by an underground river.